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Open OnDemand is a service that enables user to access CERIT-SC computational resources via the web browser in graphical mode.

Among the most used applications available are Matlab, ANSYS and VMD. See full list of GUI applications available via OnDemand.

The login and password to Open OnDemand interface is your Metacentrum login and Metacentrum password.

Open OnDemand features

The main OnDemand menu consists of five tabs:


Home directory

By default, your home directory resides on brno3-cerit storage. Withing the File manager you can manipulate files, upload and download them. You can change to other storages by using the "Go to" icon.

Ondemand file explorer.png

Project directories

To store it's own files, OnDemand creates automatically ondemand directory in your home. You will find there output files, error files and other data for batch jobs submitted from OnDemand interface. The subdirectories for jobs are numbered in a sequence. Unfortunately this is a built-in feature of OnDemand and there is no easy way how to change the numbering to e.g. PBS job IDs.

Ondemand project dirs.png


Under this tab you can list your running jobs on cerit-pbs.cerit-sc.cz PBS server. You can also compose and submit new batch jobs.

Active jobs

Under this tab you will find list of all active or queued jobs on cerit-pbs.cerit-sc.cz PBS server. On the contrary to list of interactive sessions, you will see all jobs no matter whether they were submitted via OnDemand interface or otherwise. By clicking on chosen job, you will find job's details in a similar way as in Metavo list of your jobs.

Jobs detail.png


The Clusters tab is OnDemand's way to provide terminal access to computational machines, in Metacentrum case to frontends. Currently OnDemand funnels all job to PBS through zuphux frontend.

Zuphux shell access

Under this option you can open ssh connection to zuphux frontend in your browser.

Zuphux login.png

Interactive Apps

The Interactive Apps tab lists all the applications and environments that can be run as interactive jobs from OnDemand interface.

Interactive apps dropdown.png

Interactive Desktop

By launching the Interactive Desktop you will get a very simple Linux GUI desktop to Metacentrum storages. You can launch File Manager to browse directories and you can edit files in default editor (currently vim). You can launch Linux terminal to access Metacentrum machines, too.

Interactive desktop.png


Thorough this tab you can launch selected applications with GUI interface interactively. See full list of GUI applications available via OnDemand.

Ansys launch.png


Apart from the applications mentioned above, OnDemand offers GUI environments to be run as interactive jobs, namely:

  • Rstudio, development environment for R
  • Jupyter notebook , didactic environment that allows user to create and share documents containing live code, equations, narrative text etc.

My interactive sessions

Under this tab, you will see list of your running sessions. You can launch or delete running sessions. Be aware that by closing the tab in the browser you will kill the session and that application cannot be relaunched after the browser tab is closed, although the time for reserved for the session is not up.

Running sessions.png


In case of any problems, use the standard Troubleshooting and User support channels to get help. Sometimes it may be unpractical or difficult to describe the problem or use screenshots. In this case you can use the shareable link (bottom right corner) to capture real-time behaviour of your job. Metacentrum user support does not work 24/&, so please keep in mind to agree on given time to demonstrate your problem.

Ondemand shareable link.png