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(Česká verze)

Frontend in MetaCentrum is a machine, to which users can log in directly, without reservation.

Frontends are the following machines:

Machine name System Home directory Note Debian 8 /storage/brno2/home/ (PBS server @arien) Debian 8 /storage/plzen1/home/ (PBS server @arien) Debian 8 /storage/praha1/home/ (experimental PBS server @arien-pro) NEW! PBSPro batch system Debian 8 /storage/plzen1/home/ (PBS server @arien) decommissioned Debian 8 /storage/plzen1/home/ (PBS server @arien) Debian 8 /storage/brno2/home/ (PBS server @arien) Debian 8 /storage/brno2/home/ (PBS server @arien) Debian 8 /storage/brno3-cerit/home/ (different torque server @wagap, guide)

The same names are also aliased to the domain, e.g.

To change PBS Pro to PBS Torque at the

ssh tarkil
module add torque-client
qsub ....

To change batch system in yur home directory on any frontend:

cd /storage/brno3-cerit/home/$LOGNAME

Frontends usage

Please consider that frontends are shared among all users. If you need to run interactively some demanding activity, like (de)archiving of huge amount of data with tar and gzip or softare compilation, please don't use the frontend but rather reserve some computing node for an interactive job. Such operations could slow down the frontend, and thus bother other users, which we all want to avoid.

You can use the direct access to data storage to manipulate with huge amounts of data.

Home directory

Home directory is accessible from all frontends, for example


Login notes

  • You should use the ssh protocol for remote access to clusters because it encrypts all communication.
  • For login you can use all SSH possibilities such as password, Kerberos or the ssh key. You should use so called Kerberos tickets for working with machines. Without them you cannot submit jobs via qsub command and the NFS4 directories, such as all /storage directories connected from non-local cities.
    • You will automatically obtain the Kerberos tickets while login with password.
    • You should delegate the tickets in Kerberos client while using local Kerberos authentication. Just edit the file /etc/ssh/ssh_config or ~/.ssh/config and change the value of variable GSSAPIDelegateCredentials to yes (default is no).
    • You can not delegate the Kerberos tickets while using ssh key. After the login via ssh key you have to abotain tickets via kinit command.