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You’re ready to deploy your container-based application at scale with Kubernetes, but at this point you’re faced with a bewildering array of software vendors, cloud providers, and open source projects that all promise painless, successful Kubernetes deployments.

Rancher will help you wade through that confusion.

Rancher is the complete enterprise computing platform to run Kubernetes clusters on-premises, in the cloud or at the edge. 100% open source software with zero lock-in, Rancher fits perfectly with your multi-cluster, hybrid or multi-cloud container orchestration strategy.

Dokumentation: https://rancher.com/

How to use Rancher in CERIT-SC


1. Enter the https://rancher.cerit-sc.cz/ . Choose the Shibboleth option.

Login to Rancher

2. Choose MetaCentrum IdP from the list of institutions and log in via MetaCenter login and password.

Login to Rancher


2 ways

  • using the web GUI
  • using a command line
    • Choose cluster from the left upper corner.
      • Click on the "Kubeconfig File" button, download the content and put it into ~/.kube/config .
      • Then download (if needed) and run kubectl.
        Kubeconfig file
    • or click the "Lounch kubectl" option -- it opens shell window directly in GUI
      Shell window in GUI


docker image from the docker hub,...