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(Česká verze)

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The membership in MetaCentrum is allowed without any restrictions only to persons from academic environment of the Czech republic with research objectives. In a case of interest from commercial company (i.e. its research part), it is necessary to consult your interest and its possible fulfilment. As the MetaCentrum user you are allowed to use currently available computational resources for your research aims and projects. As the MetaCentrum employee your membership brings you access to resources, information and materials necessary for your work.

By submitting an application you also accept the following rules which had to be checked in MetaCentrum end user statement before application submission. These rules are obligatory and they should be observed as their violation can lead to end your MetaCentrum membership.

Using of MetaVO is free of charge, we only require agreement with usage rules, acknowlegement in user's publications, and annual report of achieved results.

Once a year, usualy at the end of calendar year, the user asks about account prolonging. This prolonging application is accompanied by MetaCentrum usage description, description of achieved results and a list of publications for the last year.

Using of MetaCentrum VO is free of charge, we only require the users to acknowlegement MetaCentrum in their publications.