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MetaCentrum Year Book are available at MetaCentrum portal in section About MetaCentrum/Results/Yearbooks [1]


Deadline for articles for next (2016) annual report: 30.1. 2017

Contact to send articles and questions:

Annual Report for 2017 will be published electronically on the MetaCentrum website and also available in printed form. By sending an article for the Report, the authors agree that the article will be published.

Format of the articles

  • the articles must be in English
  • preferred format to accept the articles is LaTeX in the Springer publishing house style
    • download with the style definition
    • detailed description and manual for the style is available in typeinst.pdf, its sources are in; using the sources as a template is recommended mainly for LaTeX beginners
    • to produce a PDF file out of LaTeX sources, pdftex program is recommended
    • when using packages that are not common in LaTeX installations, you are kindly asked to attach them, even better, contact us and let us know in advance (TeXnical processing of the Report: David Antoš, antos(at)ics(dot)muni(dot)cz)
    • the authors are asked to send us complete source codes of the manuscripts (i.e., texts, figures, bibiographies, ideally packed in zip or tgz formats); keep in mind we will retypeset the articles out of the sources
  • Word and/or plain text files are also acceptable; we will format them by ourselves
    • anyway, if you prepare the paper in LaTeX, you save lots of our time
    • figures are often difficult to get out of Word files, please send us your primary figure files
  • figures may contain colours, vector images are strongly preferred (ideally in PDF); bitmap formats are also acceptable, ideally at least 150 DPI in the intended size, preferred formats are png and jpeg
  • the text including figures and tables (not counting headers of the article and the list of publications) should have at least two pages in the recommended style (it is about one A4 page). The article (as a whole) should not be longer than ten pages of the style (about five A4 pages). Big user groups may prepare longer contributions.
  • environment article is available in the style, don't use it

Article contents

The articles shall describe your scientific work related to using MetaCentrum resources and services in 2016. It is possible to discuss results of your research done in a longer period of time (if you did not send any report in previus year).

Mandatory parts

  • article name
  • authors
  • e-mails of all the authors of the article
  • organization and address
  • abstract
  • the text ;)
  • financing sources (grants, ...)
  • involvement in international research projects (ESFRI, VI,...)
  • used programs and applications
  • list of publications dedicated to MetaCentrum, conference and other presentations prepared using MetaCentrum resources

You may use our older Reports for inspiration [2]