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(Česká verze)

Hereby I certify that I have read and understood the terms and conditions of use of MetaCentrum hardware and software equipment and documentation. I will adhere to the rules and regulations stated below and to directions of system administrators of respective MetaCentrum nodes.

I am aware that system and application software installed on MetaCentrum nodes are subjects to their respective license agreements. I declare I will acquaint myself with software license terms, conditions, and regulations before first use of the software and I will adhere to these. I am aware that the computer equipment and most of the software equipment was purchased solely for academic use with exclusion of all commecial use.

I declare I will adhere to the following rules when working with MetaCentrum equipment and equipment of each supercopmuter center:

  • Users may only use MetaCentrum resources for purposes related to science, research, development, promotion of education, culture and prosperity as described in detail in the “Terms and conditions for the access to the CESNET e-infrastructure (AUP)”
  • Users acknowledge that information regarding themselves and their actions is stored for the purpose of administration, operation, statistics, monitoring and security. Data collected under this provision are used to optimize computing workload, and aggregations of such data are included in public yearbooks and final reports, typically published annually. Accounting data are also available to participating sites and virtual organisations.
  • Account on MetaCentrum equipment is strictly personal and cannot be lent or otherwise transferred to other individuals. Account must be protected with non-trivial password that must not be disclosed to other individuals nor stored on any accessible place.
  • It is forbidden to perform any activity that could lead to tampering of property rights of owners and authors of available software equipment, especially to copy copy-protected software, to analyze or reverse engineer software protected by a license disallowing to do so, or to run illegitimately obtained software.
  • Any activity leading to priviledge escalation above assigned level (access rights, disk space, computer time) on MetaCentrum equipment is strictly forbidden. Especially it is forbidden to attemt to decrypt passwords of other users, to misuse the defects of systems or software to acquire unassigned priviledges. Any activity that could result in obtaining access priviledges by unauthorized person or otherwise jeopardize operation of MetaCentrum resources is forbidden.
  • Data privacy in MetaCentrum is only provided through setting UNIX access rights in file systems. Achieving a higher level of data or software privacy is the sole responsibility of users. Better privacy may be reached by applying access rights or encryption. MetaCentrum is in no way responsible for misuse of data or software owned by individual users.
  • While using MetaCentrum services, users must act considerately towards others. Computing workload is managed by a centralized scheduler and users must never bypass it. Use cases that could seriously hamper the work of other users accessing shared resources (shared file systems, interactive nodes) must be consulted with MetaCentrum system administrators beforehand and must not be executed without advance notice.
  • Scientific jobs or experiments that could be identified as attacks, security breaches or other transgressions of Internet rules must not be carried out without prior consent by MetaCentrum administrators. These include especially experiments involving distributed scanning, downloading or collecting data, or testing the throughput, performance, reliability or vulnerability of resources.
  • Utilization of MetaCentrum hardware and software equipment must be acknowledged by users in particular publications (scientific articles, technical reports etc.). Copy of these publications must be made available to MetaCentrum representatives on demand.
  • MetaCentrum administrators may restrict or block user access for administrative, operational or security reasons. In case of a serious breach of usage or security rules MetaCentrum administrators may deny the responsible user access permanently.
  • Access right is granted for one calendar year. At the end of the year I will deliver short written information about the activities performed and obtained results. MetaCentrum reserves the right to use this information in annual reports and similar publications.
  • Accounts cease to exist if not extended, or if explicitly discontinued by decision of MetaVO or the user concerned. Discontinuation notices are sent by e-mail to addresses registered by affected users. Data belonging to discontinued accounts are not removed immediately, but rather kept for at least three years, should the need for continued cooperation arise.

I am aware that violation of these rules might lead to account constriction and eventual consequences by law. Furthermore I declare that if I learn about violation of these rules I will immediately inform system administrators of MetaCentrum.

I agree with the fact that my personal information will be processed and stored by CESNET, z.s.p.o. for accounting purposes. The above mentioned information will be available only to administrators of computational resources for purpose of identification of users in extent necessary for operation of MetaCentrum according to the law No. 101/2000 (jurisdiction of the Czech Republic).