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WinSCP configuration video tutorial

WinSCP is a SFTP client, SCP client, FTPS client and FTP client integrated into one software program for file transfer to FTP server or secure SFTP server.

Getting WinSCP

Visit WinSCP's homepage or go directly to the download page. WinSCP is an installation-free software, just open the downloaded file.

Configuring WinSCP

Warning.gif Warning: For working with huge amount of data, see the Direct access to data storages topic

Step 1: Fill in target frontend address (list of frontends is available on this page). As File protokol you can use SFTP or SCP. Standard port for the file transfer is 22, but especially on the virtual machines there can be set different port number (e.g. 2222).

Step 2: Fill in your MetaCentrum username.

Step 3: Fill in your MetaCentrum password (leave empty if you are using Kerberos.)

Step 4: Click Advanced... button -> the settings window should appear.


Step 5: Open the SSH tab

Step 6: Select 2 only as preferred the SSH protocol version


Step 7: Open the SSH/Authentication tab

Step 8: Check in both options


Click OK, you will return to the main window where you can save these settings.

Key-Based SSH Logins With PuTTY

Adding a private key is required for Key-Based SSH Logins. This key should be in PuTTY format, read below for details.


Key needs to be pre-generated with PuTTYgen from website and added to server (the key is added automatically during MetaCloud registration process kontextualizace).