Kerberos on Windows

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Kerberos authentication system

ZarovkaMala.png Note: You can also use "Kerberos on Windows" in Windows Subsystem for Linux (recommended). In this case you can follow instructions on the page Kerberos on Linux.

These tutorials work on Windows 8.1, other versions of Windows may need slight changes.


1. Download & install Kerberos.

Download the latest Kerberos release from the MIT page and install it.

2. Enable hidden items

You have to enable hidden items in order to see the ProgramData folder needed in the next step. WindowsKerberos1.png

3. Edit kr5.ini file

Download/copy the /etc/krb5.conf from or another frontend.

ZarovkaMala.png Note: Save the file as "krb5.ini" with quotation marks to force .ini file extension

and save it as/to C:\ProgramData\MIT\Kerberos5\krb5.ini (you need administrative privileges to do so).


1. Open MIT Kerberos


2. Get a new ticket


3. Fill in MetaCentrum username and password


and click OK

You should see a valid Kerberos ticket now and if you did everything right, you should not need to type in your password during login phase (e.g. when using PuTTY):