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(Česká verze)

Welcome on user wiki of MetaVO, the part of Czech NGI. This wiki is about manuals, documentation for applications, machines description and a lot of other stuff. User specific (interactive) pages about accounting, passwords, job management, free cluster listing, etc. can be found at the MetaVO portal at My account and Current State.

Wiki access is not restricted for reading, writing needs authentication through login link in top right corner. If you need to write some personal notes or write a manual for other users, please use the MetaCentrum login and password.

Should you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact User support.

User support

E-mail, address

Šumavská 15
602 00, Brno

How to use wiki

There are three main ways to find something on these pages. The first one is to use the left menu where we developed some cathegories of different points of view to make navigation easier. Each article is in several cathegories so there are more ways to find something.

The second way is to use the fulltext search box in the top right corner.

If you can not find desired article either, you can try to use the list of all pages. Maybe you can find it due to title of an article.