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This topic describes how to use this documentation and rules for writing a new topic.

ZarovkaMala.png Note: You have to be logged in to see Edit button in the upper bar, which shows source code of a topic

How to use documentation

This documentation is prepared on platform MediaWiki, which brings various elements for users. Besides the main elements like upper bar, left navigation menu, search box etc., there are also available templates, links, special pages and many more. Following text shows how to use them.


You can link with following commands:

Command Description Example
Link to target topic Usage rules
 [[TargetTopic|Alternative text]]
Link to target topic has an alternative text UR
Link to target category Category:Grid services
 [[:Category:TargetCategory|Alternative text]]
Link to target category has an alternative text Grid services
Link to a heading in target topic How to write a new topic#Linking
 [[TargetTopic#TargetHeading|Alt. text]]
Link to a heading in target topic has an alt. text Linking
 [http:targetAddress Alternative text]
Link to target webpage MediaWiki

Text formatting

Font formatting is possible with following commands:

  • Bold text – '''Bold text'''
  • Italics – ''Italics''
  • Coloured text – <span style="color:green">Coloured text</span> . You can use other colours as well (red, yellow ...).

Text formatting is possible via headings, lists and tables. There are more possibilities of lists and tables than shown below, see Lists and Tables for more info.

Inserting a source code

If you would like to insert a source code, use the <source lang="targetLanguage"> source code </source> tag.


ZarovkaMala.png Note: It is usually better to skip the first level headings in a topic

Headings are created with "=" character and you can create up to seven levels of headings. The deeper a heading is, the smaller it is. For example:

== Heading 1 ==
== Subheading 2 ==
==== Subheading 3 ====

Table of contests is automatically generated when a topic has at least 3 headings. You can add it manually to topic with 1-2 headings with the __TOC__ command. On the other hand, you can manually remove table of contests with the __NOTOC__ command.


Bullet lists are created with "*" character and numbered lists with "#" character. For example:

Bullet list
* Item1
* Item2

Numbered list
# Item1
# Item2


You can add a simple table with the following code:

{| class="wikitable"
|- (new line character)

Tables can be additionally edited with CSS.

Graphical and navigation elements


You can insert an image via the [[Image:TargetImage]] command. First, you have to upload the image viaUpload file button in the upper bar.

Highlighting labels

There are three labels of this type - information label, warning label and general label. You can insert them into a topic with following commands:

{{YellowInfo|TargetText}} -- Inserts information label (yellow)
{{RedInfo|TargetText}} -- Inserts warning label (red)
{{GreenBox|TargetText}} -- Insert general label (green)

Navigation boxes

You can add navigation box into a topic with following code:


Every {{BoxPoložka|TargetLink1|TargetLink2}} line adds new line into the box. You don't have to specify both links, usually the first one is enough – the second one can be empty. See the How to compute topic for example of the box.


You can create subpage (=subtopic) of a topic with correct title of the subpage. When you are creating target subpage, name it in format parentPage/subPage. This is the only way how to create a subpage. See How to compute/Quick start for an example of subpage.