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(Česká verze)

Oven (oven.ics.muni.cz) is a new special frontend which is available through queue oven. It is dedicated for light jobs (master/resubmitting).


  • 80 virtual CPUs
  • 8 GB memory
  • Does not kill jobs if they exceed requested amount of CPUs or memory
  • still kills jobs if they exceed their walltime
  • Oven is available only through oven queue

Oven queue

  • Unlike common frontends, Oven supports job length (walltime) up to one month
  • Ideal for non-demanding control/re-submitting jobs
  • By default a job gets 100 MB memory (unlike common queues where is the value 400 MB)
  • Oven has separated fairshare (only for control/re-submitting jobs)


This is a basic example how to use oven queue:

 echo "echo hostname | qsub" | qsub -q oven