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My profile

User overview

Section where all your personal information are stored. You can edit it with an exception of fields Organization and Email. These two are taken from external identity provider; therefore they can not be changed. Please, keep all your information up-to-date, because this contact (preferably email or phone number) would be used by our user support to contact you in case of need. The very important feature is possibility to change a password in the section Authentication. Your public SSH key can be saved here also. There is a possibility to see all your identities and particular identity providers in section External identities. To add new identity, use component identity consolidator.

VO tabs

Each tab covers user's membership status and his membership in groups in a particular VO. By clicking on Quota and shell for resources, you can request for higher disk quota in selected VO's resource or switch your default shell in VO's resource. When you feel lost in VO's resources, try to ask your VO manager.

My publications

MetaCentrum users can add a publication with acknowledgement to VO MetaCentrum, based on them, user can gain particular benefits. This feature serves for VO MetaCentrum users only. Other VO's do not support this feature so far, so there is no point in adding publications by non MetaCentrum members.

My applications

List of user's application forms and their states used for enrollment to VOs. By clicking on each record, detailed information is obtained. The information consists of application type and application state. This section serves as an evidence only, to apply for a VO or group membership, please use particular application forms.

Service identities

Service member serves primary for service purposes. This account can be shared among one or more members. Creating service identity is described here.

Most of users will never obtain service identity, but when you get some, you can see its detail in this section. By clicking on line with your service identity, you get more detailed information.