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Create service member

VO MANAGER role needed

  • visit perunGUI VOs pages
  • use Select VO VO from left menu to display list of VOs which you can manage
  • click on the row with VO name to select VO which service member you want to add into
  • select option Overview
  • the simplest way how to create service member is click on the Create Service member button in Quick tool area
  • frame 1. Create service identity with three boxes to fill is displayed:
    • Service member's name - a name describing service member to identify him (something to identify, not necessary name and surname)
    • if you want to have login for service member then enter:
      • Namespace - choose namespace from popup menu with possible namespaces. It must be same namespace as namespace where service member account is going to be used.
      • Login - logname of new service member in selected namespace
    • if you want service member to use certificate then:
      • choose Not selected option for Namespace
      • Subject DN - DN of certificate
      • Issuer DN - DN of certification authority
    • press the button VO Continue
  • frame 2. Associate real users is displayed:
    • fill into the searching box real user's name or logname and click on the button VO Search
    • select by ticking check-box real user and press the button VO Add
    • press the button Continue VO
  • frame 3. Set password for: logname is displayed only if logname has been set:
    • fill Password and Re-type password by the same value
    • press the button Set password
    • entering of password can be skipped by option VO Skip
  • service member with entered name, logname and password or certificate is created and you can find him in list of VO members (option Members VO) marked as (Service)VO

More information about creating sponzored member (for MU instance) Create sponzored member