Usage rules/Operation rules

Z MetaCentrum
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  • Users have to use MetaCentrum resources adequately with respect to other users. This practically means not to over-load disc capacities and to submit all demanding calculations using the PBS batch system.
  • Scratch volumes at MetaCentrum are dedicated for saving temporary data until the job is finished. These volumes are definitely not intended for data backup - the violation of this rule can cause a disciplinary action; moreover the culprit can lose his/her data because volumes /scratch* are not backed up!
  • AFS volumes are intended for software installations.
  • NFSv4 volumes are meant as unlimited storage space. The default quota of 5TB is just a protection from an unintended filling up the whole space, it can be enlarged any time.
  • Home directories are mapped into /storage to the nearest disk array.
  • For long-term archivation, the subdirectories in /storage ending with -archive or -hsm are intended. The method of archivation is selected by the name of subdirectory in users's directory, e.g. VO_metacentrum-tape_tape means storing on two magnetic tapes.


  • Jobs that wil be running more than several minutes MUST NOT run at any MetaCentrum computer outside the load balancing system (PBS)! In other word, ALL computational processes have to be inserted into specific job queue.
  • There are special folders dedicated for saving the temporary data during computations - the folder identified by the $SCRATCHDIR system variable, which points to a scratch location dedicated for a job. These are the fastest discs in the system therefore it is necessary to move the jobs results to your home directory or to /storage.
  • Volumes /scratch*. are not backed-up!