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(Česká verze)

Hostel Identity Provider (IdP) is a service for users from institutes, which are not members of czech identity federation yet. Verification through the federation is easier than through Hostel IdP. In case you work for an institution that is involved in, you don't have to use Hostel Idp. If you do not have another option, use this service (Hostel IdP) provided by CESNET.

The registration to Hostel IdP is done during account extension or registration, if you are from an institution, which is not part of Hostel-logo.png

Registration to Hostel IdP is 4-step process (all steps are essential for working MetaCentrum account):

  • Check if your organization is member of
  • Registration / login to Hostelu IdP
  • One-time proof of identity (ID or passport + study or employment relationship certificate) with registration official - it it necessary for access to premium services (computing in MetaCentrum, data storages,...).
  • Regularly (usually 1x per year) confirmation of study or an employment relationship submission.

You can find more information, tutorials and contacts on Hostel IdP service webpage.