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(Czech version)

Prerequisite: you have your OpenNebula account ready, ie. access to web interface or correctly configured and functioning environment with OpenNebula client tools, see tutorial MetaCloud access through command line

To provide a simple start in MetaCloud, we prepared some functional and ready-to-use VM images with appropriate templates for you.

  • Image is a file, which contains data. In our case its operating system.
  • Template is a description of the VM (size of the memory, image and network that are used, etc.).

Image can be either persistent or non-persistent.

  • Persistent image preserves all changes and data you make during your work on shutdown. Therefore you can use them next time you instantiate the VM. With this type of image you can't however instantiate it more than once at the time.
  • Non-persistent image does not save any data nor changes, but you can instantiate many VMs at once.

Prearranged images

If you open the Images tab in the left menu in web interface or use the command line command:

oneimage list

You can find these images:

  • debian6 – non-persistent clean Debian 6 image
  • scilinux5 – non-persistent clean Scientific Linux 5 image
  • scilinux6 – non-persistent clean Scientific Linux 6 image
  • centos5torque – non-persistent image
  • centos5openmpi – non-persistent image

Persistence of the image is shown in column PER in command line and in column Persistent in web interface

Prearranged templates

If you open the Templates tab in the left menu in web interface or use the command line command:

onetemplate list

You can find this template:

  • debianvm – uses debian6 image, therefore it is not persistent
  • scilinux5vm – uses scilinux5 image and it is not persistent
  • scilinux6vm – uses scilinux6 image and it is not persistent

We can also create templates for other images listed above for you, just write us an e-mail.

All these template files contain your ssh key, so you can log into VMs instantiated from these templates without password.