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Warning.gif WARNING: This manual includes instructions for this use-case only. If you use other instructions you can cause unwanted functioning of system.

VO MANAGER role needed

  • Please log in into the Perun system and then go to the VO VO Manager section.
  • On the left panel please click on VO Select VO. Now you can see the list of the VOs under your administration.
  • Please choose the desired VO, where would you like to create a new group. There will appear a new panel with the VO settings.

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  • Please click on the invite_user Create group botton on the Overview bookmark.

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  • There will appear new dialog window, where you can insert:
    • Name: Please insert the desired group name. Name of group can be whatever, but you shall keep conventions in your VO.
    • Descriptions: Here you can insert your own group description to specify its purpose.
    • As sub-group: You can check this if you wish to make this group such a subgroup of any existing group from the scrolling menu. Then you can choose the parent group of your newly created group in the field Parent group.
    • Then you can click on the invite_user Create button.

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Notice: All changes made in the Perun system will be active in one hour. Thus executed changes are not immediate!!!.

Assigning of group to resources and setting group attributes for using ( for example as UNIX group ) is described at Assign group to resource.