Computational services overview

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This page provides brief overview of computational services offered by MetaCentrum.

Grid services

Grid is a collection of computer resources from multiple locations to reach a common goal.

  • Benefits for users
    • Top level of computational capacity
    • Higher accessibility and reliability of saved data
    • Data sharing from multiple sources

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Cloud services

Cloud computing is a method of sharing resources via the Internet.

  • Benefits for users:
    • You manage your own machine
    • You can configure your machine as you like (OS, RAM memory, number of CPU...)
    • You are the root, you can install applications on your own

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Hadoop is a popular open-source framework for distributed storage and distributed processing of large volumes of data, especially where the processing involves a MapReduce algorithm. Unlike traditional cluster resources in MetaCentrum, which assume just-in-time stage-in of data before processing, the Hadoop environment is intended for mid- to long-term storage/collection of data to be processed. Aside of a large native Hadoop cluster extensible on demand with additional virtual nodes, MetaCentrum can also offer purely virtual Hadoop PaaS clusters for prototyping your solutions prior to large-scale deployment.

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