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(Czech version)

You can apply for two basic types of accounts.

If you only seek to use the basic functionality, most certainly you can apply for basic account. Advanced users might require one of the extended accounts.

How to request an account

<< MetaCloud registration form >>

Basic account

The basic account allows for Access to MetaCloud via web interface OpenNebula Sunstone. Also, you can upload your own virtual machine images and start/manage/stop virtual machines running from them. Furthermore, you can use all the functionality provided by OpenNebula Sunstone.

In case you want to use the prepared images, we need you to send us your public ssh key:

  • to generate your key issue the command ssh-keygen. The options (file name, ...) confirm by pressing ENTER. We recommend that you choose a safe password at the "Enter passphrase (empty for no passphrase)" prompt.
  • In your home folder in the directory .ssh/ these files were generated
ls ~/.ssh/
  • Send us our public SSH key, which is located in You can display it in the terminal by typing
cat ~/.ssh/
  • Keep the private key ~/.ssh/id_rsa secret! Do not send or give it to anybody.

Extended accounts

The extended accounts allow users to use the extended MetaCloud testbed functionality.

  • GridFTP account - you can apply for this account, if you have personal certificate used in MetaCentrum or its partners. This allows you for more effective manipulation with images and uploading those to the server.

If you request a GridFTP account, please send us your DN from your x.509 personal/grid certificate.