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(Czech version)

Warning.gif WARNING:

Please do not use any features in the Perun system, which are not described in this tutorial. The structure of the VOs under your administration could be disrupted. Better user interface is being prepared.

  • Please log in into the Perun system and then go to the VO VO Manager section.

Vo admin add 01.png

  • On the left panel please click on VO Select VO. Now you can see the list of the VOs under your administration.
  • Please choose the desired VO, where would you like to add an administrator. After clicking on the desired VO there will appear new panel with VO settings.

Vo admin add 02.png

  • At the Overview bookmark you can find VO Quick tools. There you can click on theList all Add Manager... button.

Vo admin add 03.png

  • Please insert first few letters of the user's name or login into the search field and then click on List all Search button.
  • After you have found the desired user, please tick him by using the checkbox List all.

Vo admin add 04.png

  • Now please click on the List allAdd button.
  • To verify that new administrator was successfully added click on the Managers bookmark. In the Managers list you shall see the newly added user.

Vo admin add 05.png

  • Next step is to open the Settings bookmark and click at List all in the "To" email addresses field.

Vo admin add 06.png

  • Now please insert the email address of the newly added administrator and then click on the VO Save button. Now will new administrator receive a notifications about new and prolongation applications.

Vo admin add 07.png