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Warning.gif WARNING: This manual includes instructions for this use-case only. If you use other instructions you can cause unwanted functioning of system.

VO MANAGER role needed

  • Please log in into the Perun system and then go to the VOVO Manager section.

Zasilani pozvanek do VO 01.jpg

  • On the left panel please click on VOSelect VO. Now you can see the list of the VOs under your administration.
  • Now you can click at the VO name, where would you like to invite new users. There will appear new panel with desired VO settigns.
  • In the Overview bookmark please click on the invite_user Invite user button.

Zasilani pozvanek do VO 02.jpg

  • Please fill the Email or optionally the Name into the showed up formular. Then choose the Language of the invitation.

Zasilani pozvanek do VO 03.jpg

  • Formular/Invitation will be sent by clicking at Send invitation Send invitation button.
  • Desired user will then receive email with similar structure such as below:
Dear user,

administrator of Virtual Organization (VO) xyz invites you to use
sources assigned to this VO. 
To become a member of VO, you must fill in an application. 
You must authenticate yourself using one of the following options:


You can see your application state in "Applications" section at:

You will be notified by another mail once your application approved.

Administrator VO_xyz

  • Actual text of this invitation mail can be specifically set for each VO. This setting is rather complicated, if you are not sure how to do it, it should be better to ask system-perun managers to do it. See E-mail notification