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Science Analysis System (SAS) is a collection of tasks, scripts and libraries, specifically designed to reduce and analyze data collected by the XMM-Newton observatory. Main detectors offers higher accuracy and sensitivity, even with smaller image ressolution then Chandra. Data (in basic mode - eventlist) are stored in FITS format, choice of events (and makes of specter etc.) is done by program `evselect`.




The package does not yet have an initialization script in module, you must first load modul HEASOFT and after that run script /software/sas-13.5/ Before that you have to set variable SAS_DIR="/software/sas-13.5".

Download of data from archive can be done with use of web ïnterface or client itself (in Java) aioclient (here for observation number 0112770601)

  /storage/brno2/home/limu/bin/aioclient -S -P 2002 -L 'GET obsno=0112770601 level=ODF


New installation of version 14.0 in trial time can be run by commands

   module add heasoft-6.15
   export SAS_DIR=/storage/brno2/home/limu/down/xmmsas_20141104_1833
   export LD_LIBRARY_PATH="/software/ubuntu12-compat/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH"
   . ${SAS_DIR}/


Guides for basic operatins with data can be found here.

Practical guide for analysis can be obtained here.

Program manager

Filip Münz, Matúš Kocka, Tomáš Rebok (