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Warning.gif WARNING: This manual includes instructions for this use-case only. If you use other instructions you can cause unwanted functioning of system.

Information.png Please note: Internal system structure does not allow to assign or remove single person, as usuall groups must be used. Removing person from resource, you must think about all groups where particular person is placed. Some resources could be assigned to more groups in scope of one VO; therefore to remove member from resource fully, you have to remove him from all groups that utilize the resource. Unfortunatelly, by removing member from all groups, he could lose some of his privileges. This situation could be solved by creating new group with specific privileges or adding him to the group suitable for member.

VO MANAGER role needed

There are several groups that contain the member and they have an access to resource. List of groups that has an access to resource can be obtained.

  • Please log in into the Perun system and then go to the VO VO Manager section.
  • On the left panel please click on VO Select VO. Now you can see the list of the VOs under your administration.
  • Please choose the desired VO, where would you like to remove member from resource. There will appear a new panel with the VO settings.

Zalozeni skupiny 01.jpg

  • display list of resources by selecting tab ResourcesVO at upper bar or in left menu

Assign service to resource1.jpg

  • select resource by clicking on the row with resource name and detail of resource is displayed
  • click on the tab Assigned groups at upper bar and list of groups is displayed

Remove member from resource1.jpg

  • for every displayed group you have to do following steps:
    • select group by clicking on the row with appropriating group name

Remove member from resource2.jpg

    • by option Members list of members is displayed OR you can find member by filling searching area by member's name or logname and press the button VO Filter
    • if required member is present select him by ticking the check-box and press VO Remove button

Remove member from resource3.jpg

    • confirmation frame appears, press VO OK and the member is removed from this group

Remove member from resource4.jpg

  • PLEASE NOTE: member loses access to all resources that are assigned to selected group (not only to this resource, but all resources). When it is not correct, it is necessary to create new group that suits member's requirements and add the member into it. That newly created group have to be assigned to all resources where member requires keep his access.