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Warning.gif WARNING: This manual includes instructions for this use-case only. If you use other instructions you can cause unwanted functioning of system.

VO MANAGER role needed

  • Please log in into the Perun system and then go to the VO VO Manager section.
  • On the left panel please click on VO Select VO. Now you can see the list of the VOs under your administration.
  • Please choose the desired VO, where would you like to remove a group. There will appear a new panel with the VO settings.

Zalozeni skupiny 01.jpg

  • click on the button Groups at upper bar OR click to Groups VO option at the left menu and list of VO groups is displayed.

File remove group1.jpg

  • select the group to be removed by ticking check-box and press the button Delete VO

File remove group2.jpg

  • confirmation window with the name of selected group is displayed and option OK VO causes deleting this group from the VO OR click on Cancel VO if you have just changed your mind

File remove group3.jpg

  • informaion about successful removing of group is dispayed

File remove group4.jpg