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Users are allowed to prolong their jobs in a limited number of cases.

To do this, use command qextend <full jobID> <additional_walltime>

For example:

(BUSTER)melounova@skirit:~$ qextend 01:00:00
The walltime of the job has been extended.
Additional walltime:	01:00:00
New walltime:		02:00:00
  • You must use full job ID to identify the job correctly (see Beginners guide).
  • the time format can be either
    • a single number - interpreted as seconds
    • hh:mm:ss - interpreted as hours:minutes:seconds

To prevent abuse of the tool, there is a 30-day quota on how many times can the extend command be applied by a single user AND the total added time. Currently you can within the last 30 days

  • extend your jobs 20-times
  • use up to 2880 CPU-hours in total to prolong your jobs.

Job prolongations older than 30 days are "forgotten" and no longer occupy your quota.

ZarovkaMala.png Note: The cputime-hours are not walltime hours. If you e.g. prolong a job running on 8 CPUs by 1 hour, 8 hours will be subtracted from your cputime fund.

To get current state of your fund, run qextend info:

(BUSTER)melounova@skirit:~$ qextend info

melounova@META's info:

30-days counter limit:	20
Used counter limit:	2
Avail. counter limit:	18

30-days cputime fund:	1440:00:00
Used cputime fund:	01:00:01
Avail. cputime fund:	1438:59:59

Earliest rec. timeout:	2021-08-20 10:13:36.426429
  • Counter limit is how many times you can prolong a job
  • Cputime fund is the amount of cpu-time you can use to prolong a job
  • Earliest rec. timeout indicates when the oldest one of your prolongations made during last 30 days will be forgotten

ZarovkaMala.png Note: After reaching the monthly limit, additional prolongation is possible only at request -