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jModelTest is a tool to carry out statistical selection of best-fit models of nucleotide substitution. It implements five different model selection strategies: hierarchical and dynamical likelihood ratio tests (hLRT and dLRT), Akaike and Bayesian information criteria (AIC and BIC), and a decision theory method (DT). It also provides estimates of model selection uncertainty, parameter importances and model-averaged parameter estimates, including model-averaged tree topologies. jModelTest 2 includes High Performance Computing (HPC) capabilities and additional features like new strategies for tree optimization, model-averaged phylogenetic trees (both topology and branch lenght), heuristic filtering and automatic logging of user activity.


jmodeltest2, version 2.1.10


This program is a free software, freely available to all users under GNU GPLv3


Initialize environment with command:

module add jmodeltest-2.1.10

There is defined alias jmodeltest-2.1.10 which points to the program jar file. Example of running:

java -jar /software/jmodeltest2/2.1.10/dist/jModelTest.jar

If you do not need to set any special parameters to java, you can use the available alias to the above command called jmodeltest-2.1.10.

jmodeltest-2.1.10 -help


Documentation is in the folder /software/jmodeltest2/2.1.10/manual

Program manager