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JDK is a collection of Java development tools. Its part is also JRE, compiler and many other tools. Program extension Java 3D is also available, Java 3D enables possibility of using accelerated 3D graphics. There is also available JDK of companies SUN and IBM in versions 6, 7 and 8.

Initialize modules in your batch script:

module add jdk-8

export CLASSPATH=/home/something/something.jar:/software/java-libs/javamail-1.4/mail.jar:/software/java-libs/jaf-1.1/activation.jar
java cz.something.SomeClass


Available versions JDK differ according operating system of given machine (platform you get by command fs sys), there are following modules available for platform amd64_linux26:

  • java3d
  • jdk-1.6.0
  • jdkibm-1.6.0
  • jdk-7
  • jdkibm-7
  • jdk-8

For platform i386_linux26 is available jdk-1.6.0.


Binary Code License


Initialize environment by command:

module add jdk-8

Then use JAVA as desired.

Threading and PBS resources violation

When running Java uses the garbage collector and other techniques. This can increase the number of used processors which can violate the CPU limit set by scheduler. To avoid this you can:

 # try to request more resources (eg. 4 more processors)
 # run Java with some parameters, eg. java  -XX:+UseSerialGC -XX:-BackgroundCompilation


Documentation is available on server of producer.

Program manager



URL: http://java.sun.com/javase/