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FoldX provides a fast and quantitative estimation of the importance of the interactions contributing to the stability of proteins and protein complexes. The predictive power of FoldX has been tested on a very large set of point mutants (1088 mutants) spanning most of the structural environments found in proteins. FoldX uses a full atomic description of the structure of the proteins. The different energy terms taken into account in FoldX have been weighted using empirical data obtained from protein engineering experiments. The present energy function uses a minimum of computational resources and can therefore easily be used in protein design algorithms, and in the field of protein structure and folding pathways prediction where one requires a fast and accurate energy function.


Available versions:

  • FoldX version 4 (January 2017)


Warning.gif WARNING: If you want to be able to use FoldX in MetaCentrum, you have to read and accept it's license agreement. Please note that academic license of FoldX prohibits some behaviour, such as commercial computations.

Read and accept FoldX's license agreement here!

After reading and accepting the license for the first time, you will be able to review it's contents anytime by looking at /software/foldx/4/license.txt


First, prepare environment using

module load foldx-4

and that's all - now you can start using the foldx command, such as

foldx -h

to print help.


You can find documentation at the official website:

Program administrator

Official website