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In case you need to pass large amount of data to someone without Metacentrum access, we recommend to use Cesnet Filesender upload. On this page we describe the CLI version, which can be used directly from Metacentrum frontends.

Login to Filesender web GUI to get API, userid and email

1. Log on [Cesnet Filesender homepage]

Use your Metacentrum username and password.

2. Upload some dummy file to initialize the database

There is a small bug causing that the GUI does not display entry for users with no uppload hisotry. To overcome this, upload and send (to yourself) any dummy file by drag-and-drop first. If you already have some history of uploads, skip this step.

3. Get API from Cesnet Filesender

On main page, choose My Tranfers. Copy the API key at the bottom of the page.

Fs b.png ---> Fs a.png

4. Get userid and usermail from Cesnet Filesender

Copy-paste into your browser the following address: You will see something like the following:

Fs c.png

Copy the userid and user_email from here.

2. Prepare configuration file

Prepare small configuration file on your frontend of the following form:

userid = 4308
user_email =
apikey = 8e6..........

3. Upload files to Cesnet Filesender

First you need to export the path to config file and load filesender-cli:

export FILESENDER_CONFIG=/storage/.../path-to-configuration-file # default configuration is in $HOME/.filesender/
module add filesender-cli

Then upload the file: -s "Subject" -m "File description" -r,,..., file.tar.gz # upload file.tar.gz