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The Einstein Toolkit currently consists of an open set of over 100 Cactus thorns for computational relativity along with associated tools for simulation management and visualization. The toolkit includes a vacuum spacetime solver (McLachlan), a relativistic hydrodynamics solver (formerly the public version of the Whisky code, but now heavily extended), along with thorns for initial data, analysis and computational infrastructure. These thorns have been developed and improved over many years by many different researchers.


The Einstein Toolkit can be used with your own thorns for initial data, evolution, equation of state or analysis.


Version feb2017

Version apr2017

Version jun2017


Open Source

A core goal of the consortium is to provide the widest availability and impact of the Einstein Toolkit. Therefore all software is developed and distributed under an open source license.


module add einstein-toolkit-feb2017
module add einstein-toolkit-apr2017
module add einstein-toolkit-jun2017

In MetaCentrum you cannot use the 'sim' management program to run simulations as it interferes with planning system (PBSPro). Instead of that run directly the E.T. binary using mpirun. Example of running:

 module add einstein-toolkit-jun2017
 sed '/CoordBase::d[xyz]/s/8/12/' </software/einstein-toolkit/feb2017/Cactus/par/static_tov.par > static_tov_small.par
 mpirun /software/einstein-toolkit/feb2017/Cactus/exe/cactus_sim-profile `pwd`/static_tov_small.par

Note that you should use the full paths to the program and parameter file.

Notice: This application supports parallel computing (MPI, OpenMP) which can have weird consequences. For more details about parallel computing visit the page How to compute/Parallelization.



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