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Edena is one of very efficient and widely used for de novo assembly of short-lenght reads, which are outcome of new generation sequencing machines. It handles several millions of short reads (even pair-end reads) and create contigs on the basis of OLC (Overalp Layout Consensus) algorithm. Edena was developed by Dr. Hernandez and his colleagues (Hernandez D, François P, Farinelli L, Osterås M, Schrenzel J. Genome Research. 18:802-809, 2008.) Edena is still under constant development. This software is very user-friendly.


Edena version 3 is available as module in METACentrum (module add edena-3).


Documentation is available at downloading any Edena version from official website. Program help is also accessible in program when running without an argument.

Supported platforms

Linux x86_64

Program administrator

  • Jan Ištvánek -- Laboratory of molecular plant genetics, PřF MU (janites at mail.muni.cz, i.jan at centrum.cz)
  • Tomáš Rebok (rebok at ics.muni.cz)


URL: http://www.genomic.ch/edena.php