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Modules debianX-compat bring some missing libraries across OS Debian versions. If you experience any problem with libraries or applications compatibility in Debian10 (OS on almost all MetaCentrum clusters), please add module e.g. debian9-compat


module add debian7-compat
module add debian8-compat
module add debian9-compat

Actual lists of libraries can be found in /software/debian-compat/debian7/lib, /software/debian-compat/debian8/lib or /software/debian-compat/debian9/lib

Module name Libraries
debian7-compat libicudata.a libicuio.a libicui18n.a libicule.a libiculx.a libicutest.a libicutu.a libicuuc.a
debian8-compat libhdf5_serial_hl.a libnetcdf.a libnetcdf_c++.a libnetcdff.a libssl.a
debian9-compat libicudata.a libicui18n.a

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