Change password of the service-user account

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Warning.gif WARNING: This manual includes instructions for this use-case only. If you use other instructions you can cause unwanted functioning of system.

VO MANAGER role needed

  • Please log in into the Perun system and then go to the User User section.

Zmena hesla servisniho uctu 01.jpg

  • Please choose in the UserUser submenu in the left panel Service identitiesService identities .
  • There will appear the list of all service accounts associated with your account.

Zmena hesla servisniho uctu 02.jpg

  • Please choose desired service account for changing the password.
  • There will appear the service account profile.
  • In the Overview bookmark in the Quick links section please choose the Change / reset password option, which will redirect you to the Authentication bookmark.

Zmena hesla servisniho uctu 03.jpg

  • In the Authentication bookmark please click on the Reset password button for password changing.

Zmena hesla servisniho uctu 04.jpg

  • In the poped-up window please insert in the Old password filed your current password. Then insert in the New password field your new password. After that you need to repeat it once more in the Retype new pass field.

Zmena hesla servisniho uctu 05.jpg

  • After confirming via the Change password button your password will be changed.

Notice: All changes made in the Perun system will be active in one hour. Thus executed changes are not immediate!!!.