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(Česká verze)

Cgroups (shortcut of Control Groups) is a feature of Linux which allows to control usage of resources (memory, I/O operations, networking etc.) for certain group of processes. See Wikipedia for more information.

Cgroups is offered by MetaCentrum since October 2015 in order to offer special settings of user jobs - you can set an impassable resources limits of your job.

Cgroups can be applied only on machines with property set:

Warning.gif WARNING: Using of Cgroups function is recommended as the last way, how to reduce CPU usage. Generally, we are able to set CPU usage limits on a level of code for every job in MetaCentrum. If you have some troubles with your jobs/codes/software, send us an email

By Cgroups you can limit several resources:

  • cpuacct - limiting CPU
  • cpuset - assign specific CPU #This is a key parameter for PBS
 qsub -l select=1:ncpus=1:cgroups=cpuset ...

You won't definitely affect other users with Cgroups in your job, because you cannot exceed given resources.