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BLAST+ is a new suite of BLAST tools that utilizes the NCBI C++ Toolkit. The BLAST+ applications have a number of performance and feature improvements over the legacy BLAST applications


  • Blast+ version 2.8.0a
    • modules blast+-2.8.0a (Binary release) and blast+-2.8.0a-src (Compiled software from source code by Intel compilers)
  • Blast+ version 2.7.1
    • modules blast+-2.7.1 (Binary release) and blast+-2.7.1-src (Compiled software from source code)
  • Blast+ version 2.6.0
    • module blast+-2.6.0
  • Blast+ version 2.2.29
    • module blast+-2.2.29
  • Blast+ version 2.2.27
    • module blast+-2.2.27
  • Blast+ version 2.2.26
    • module blast+-2.2.26

We maintain a local copy of several Blast databases – see the /storage/projects/BlastDB directory. All available databases are described at NCBI web. We mirror all of them. Last update of the offline copy is october 2016. If you need to update DBs or to add some new, please contact the user support Databases are ready to use. For your blastn/blastp/tblastx etc. job, use only database base name e.g. nt, nr, wgs, refseq_genomic (-db option).


module add blast+-2.2.29 

This makes available the path to the program binaries.

Other information about using is on Blast pages.


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