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AUGUSTUS is a gene prediction program for eukaryotes written by Mario Stanke, Oliver Keller, Stefanie König, Lizzy Gerischer and Katharina Hoff. It can be used as an ab initio program, which means it bases its prediction purely on the sequence. AUGUSTUS may also incorporate hints on the gene structure coming from extrinsic sources such as EST, MS/MS, protein alignments and syntenic genomic alignments. Since version 3.0 AUGUSTUS can also predict the genes simultaneously in several aligned genomes.


Version 3.3.1


Artistic Licence


module add augustus-3.3.1
augustus --help

You may need to adjust environment variable AUGUSTUS_CONFIG_PATH to point to some writable directory with configurations. Eg.:

mkdir $SCRATCHDIR/augustus_configs
cp -r $AUGUSTUS_CONFIG_PATH/* $SCRATCHDIR/augustus_configs/
export AUGUSTUS_CONFIG_PATH=$SCRATCHDIR/augustus_configs

Documentation or in directory /software/augustus/3.3.1/src


Program manager