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The used modullar subsystem provides a user interface to modifications of user environment, which are necessary for running the requested applications. It allows to configure the user environments independently on the server's platform or files' locations; thus, the user is not required to perform (usually complicated) manual environment modifications in order to allow the use of requested applications.

Note: The MetaCentrum frontends may provide a slightly different modullar applications' equipment, since these are intended to be used for interactive job preparations, input/output data examinations, etc. If a precisely identical environment is necessary for an interactive work (i.e., one wants to test a job run, which performs some compilations), please, ask the scheduler for an interactive job and subsequently perform all the intended operations within it.


The modules module


  • A list of available modules (applications) can be obtained by the following command (run on any MetaCentrum node):
$ module available
  • A search in list of aviable modules:
$ module avail 2>&1 | grep -i searched_query
  • A requested module (available in the list) can be loaded into a user environment using the following command:
$ module add <modulename>   # e.g., module add matlab

Note: The command integrates the chosen application into the user environment, including search PATH update, MANPATH update, and necessary initialization(s).

  • The list of already loaded modules can be obtained using the command
$ module list
  • To remove a previously loaded module, one can write the following command:
$ module unload <modulename>     # OR module del <modulename>
                                 # e.g., module unload matlab
  • To use the modullar subsystem within job startup scripts, it could be necessary to initialize the modullar subsystem itself at first; subsequently, the requested application can be loaded into the environment:
source /software/modules/init
module add <modulename>



Open source (GPLv2).

Supported platforms

UNIX systems.

Program administrator

Zdeněk Salvet