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Allinea DDT is a debugging tool from Allinea Inc., designed for debugging parallel/distributed programs using OpenMP/MPI libraries. Its primary aim is to provide a powerful and user-friendly graphical user interface, together with unique features such as so-called Parallel Stack Viewer (providing a global overview of the status of all the debugged application's threads/processes). Unlike its competitor (TotalView), the Allinea DDT provides high scalability -- it is able to debug applications consisting of more than 200,000 concurrently running processes/threads.


Allinea DDT is available in the versions:

  • 4.2 via the module allineaDDT-4.2 or via module allineaDDT


  • the debugger is licensed for 32 simultaneously debugged processes
  • till 10/2013, the DDT may be used on all the MetaCentrum clusters; after this time period, the DDT may be used just on the clusters located at Botanická 68a, Brno

Warning.gif WARNING: The purchased licenses permit just an academic use of the program!


Tunnelling the graphical environment, log into a node, where you want to run the Allinea DDT:

$ ssh -X
skirit$ module add allineaDDT
skirit$ ddt  # ddt-mpirun, ...

Notice: This application use or needs GUI – graphical interface. To use the application in graphical mode see Remote desktop or X-Window.


The Allinea DDT documentation is available:

version 4.2:

  • either online at producer's webpage, or locally in the program directory (/software/allineaDDT/4.2/doc/).

Program administrator

  • Tomáš Rebok (rebok at