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Working with data

(Czech version)

This is a basic tutorial how to transfer data from/to MetaCentrum based on your operating system.

Warning.gif Warning: For working with huge amount of data, see the Direct access to data storages topic

Data transfer on Linux

Moving data from your computer to MetaCentrum

ZarovkaMala.png Note: You can replace "" with any available frontend

Use your terminal and scp command. Syntax of the command:

 scp target_file 'META username'

Moving data from MetaCentrum to a local computer

You can also use terminal and scp command. Syntax of the command:

 scp 'META username' .

Data transfer on Windows

Windows users need an FTPS client.

We recommend WinSCP or Bitvise SSH Client applications. You can follow the tutorials below.

Downloading data from a server

You can download your data from an external server to your directory via a wget command. For example:

'META username' # Login

pwd # Shows current working directory

# Creates directory for data and enters it
mkdir data
cd data
# Downloads the data