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Symos'97 is software, in which is computationally realised computation of dispersion of pollutants in the air according to the methodology Symos'97 which, according to Czech legislation, the reference methodology for these tasks. The software supplements are not implemented the methodology for calculating the elevation of the smoke plume from the cooling towers of power plants and calculation of the concentrations of pollutants at a temperature inversion.

Installed module includes the latest software version (6.0).


Module symos97-6.0: Symos'97 version 6.0, 64-bit

The available licence allows just the members of VŠB-TU in Ostrava to use the software.


...Load module symos97-6.0 and you will have available these commands

sitref - to create regular receptor networks in a specified rectangular area

vyskobin - transfer file with terein in ASCII GRID format into binary form

dopsour - calculation of z-coordinates into file with sources or receptors acordingly to file with altimetry

txtbin - converts text files with resources and receptors in binary form

bintxt - converts files in binary format to text files

koef - calculates coefficients theta, delta and zmax, which represent in calculating concentrations influence of terrain

smdenni - To calculate the short-term concentrations

smrocni - calculagtion of average annual concentrations

smmaxim - calculation of the maximum yearly concentrations




Supported platforms


Program administrator

Tom Rebok