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Scilab (created by French scientific institutions INRIA and ENPC) is a freeware program for numerical calculations similar to MATLAB - the program allows to perform both simple arithmetics (multiplications) as well as intensive computing. For example, Scilab is used for statistical analysis, image processing, simulation of physical and chemical phenomena, etc.


  • Module scilab-5.4.0: Scilab version 5.4.0, 64-bit version, compiled with the Intel MKL support.
  • Module scilab-5.5.1: Scilab version 5.5.1, 64-bit version.


Notice: This application use or needs GUI – graphical interface. To use the application in graphical mode see Remote desktop or X-Window.

1. Running the application – Interactive mode

  • ask the scheduler for an interactive job having a single node and a desired number of processors (ppn attribute) reserved
$ qsub -I -l nodes=1:ppn=X -l mem=Yg
Note: Do not forget to apppropriately set the amount of requested memory (mem attribute) and/or another job requirements.
Note 2: If you intend to use the Scilab via its graphical interface, log in the frontend tunneling the display and add the "-X" parameter to the qsub command.
  • load the Scilab module into the environment
$ module add scilab-5.4.0
  • run Scilab
    • running the command-line interface:
$ scilab-cli
  • running the graphical interface:
$ scilab

2. Running the application – Batch mode:

  • prepare the job description script -- use a general skeleton supplemented by the following lines:
# load the application module
module add scilab-5.4.0

# run the computation
scilab-cli -f input_file >output_file
  • pass the job description file to the scheduler together with (at least) the requested number of processors and requested amount of memory
$ qsub -l nodes=1:ppn=X -l mem=Yg



open-source, under the terms of CeCILL licence (compatible with GNU Lesser General Public License, abiding by the rules of distribution of free software).

Program administrator

Tom Rebok