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MetaWRAP aims to be an easy-to-use metagenomic wrapper suite that accomplishes the core tasks of metagenomic analysis from start to finish: read quality control, assembly, visualization, taxonomic profiling, extracting draft genomes (binning), and functional annotation. Additionally, metaWRAP takes bin extraction and analysis to the next level (see module overview below). While there is no single best approach for processing metagenomic data, metaWRAP is meant to be a fast and simple approach before you delve deeper into parameterization of your analysis. MetaWRAP can be applied to a variety of environments, including gut, water, and soil microbiomes (see metaWRAP paper for benchmarks). Each individual module of metaWRAP is a standalone program, which means you can use only the modules you are interested in for your data.


module avail metawrap/ # list available modules
module load metawrap   # load (default) module