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INTEGRAL Off-line Scientific Analysis (OSA) software package contains all tools to perform INTEGRAL data analysis of any of the four instrument aboard and is divided into 4 parts:

  • IBIS - displaying detector (principle of code mask) for soft and medium gama rays displaying detector.
  • SPI - spectrometry in field 100 keV - 10 MeV
  • JEMX - dvojice zobrazovacích detektorů pro rentgenové záření pair of displaying detectors for roentgen rays
  • OMC - optical monitor


Common procedure begins by downloading dat from observing selected object - at page ypi have to generate script, which will provide download of not only the relevant period (observation window), but also respective telemetry data.


Software is available for free. Data are published in irregular intervals of about 12 months after observation (except for so-called Core program, where observing in Galactic plane are released into archive right after processing.



Reference guides and "cookbook" (typical procedure of analysis)are available at web down bellow. Every command of OSA package will write their own documentation with use of switch --help.

Program manager

Filip Münz, Matúš Kocka, Tomáš Rebok (