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An interactive job is a special type of batch job, where you are working with granted resources instead of using a batch script.

An interactive job is requested via qsub command and the -I option. For example:

qsub -I -l select=1:ncpus=2:mem=4gb:scratch_local=10gb -l walltime=1:00:00

After submitting an interactive job, following two lines will appear (second line is a sign of successful start of a job):

qsub: waiting for job to start
qsub: job ready

ZarovkaMala.png Note: Read more about qsub options here.

Where -l are separators, walltime=1:00:00 means the job will last up to one hour, select=1:ncpus=2 is request on one machine with two processors, mem=4gb is request on 4 GiB of RAM memory.

  • Advantages of interactive jobs
    • GUI support
    • Better overview what I'm doing
    • Probably easier to learn
  • Disadvantages of interactive jobs
    • Not so optimal utilization of computational nodes (waiting for user's input)
    • Difficult to handle long-standing jobs (closing terminal will terminate the job)
    • Difficult to handle jobs working with multiple files
    • Internet connection reliability

Graphical user interface

You can use graphical user interface (GUI) while working with interactive jobs. These are available GUI options: