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What to do if I forget/lose a password to METACentrum resources?

Please visit the page My Account - Change password and follow the instructions.

Is it possible to ask for sending a new password by e-mail or other communication channel if I forget my password?

No. Password cannot be changed based on e-mail request because METACentrum administrators have no guarantee that the e-mail comes from the same person who properly submitted and signed registration form, fulfills requirements for account granting, is authorized to use our resources and who pledged to respect our security and operational rules. Moreover the password could be eavesdropped during the transfer.

You can enter a new password as a part of the Password change request that can be requested from the page My Account - Change password. We will try to verify the request by calling over telephone to the phone number specified in the orginal user's details, or to a number acquired from some independent location like official web pages of the user's institution.

If it is not possible to verify the request, you have to visit the closest METACentrum contact place and after proving of your identity to set a new password. You can consider this as unnecessary bothering but, please, take into account that in METACentrum you obtain access to the technical equipment in price of tens of millions of CZK and therefore the acces has to be secured properly.

What is the difference between AFS password and password/passwords to individual machines?

There is no difference. We use system Kerberos for authentication to all resources in METACentrum, i.e. AFS, METACentrum portal as well as accounts at individual machines.

How to change a password for access to METACentrum resources?

Please visit the page My Account - Change password and follow the instructions.

What does the authentication by principal @META mean exactly and how does it work?

Principal is user identity in Kerberos system, META is realm (name space) of Kerberos system used in METACentrum. When you enter the password during log in process or using a command kauth a ticket (lístek) with limited time validity (standard 10 hours) is created. This ticket serves for access to further resources without necessity to repeatedly enter the password.