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How to obtain an account in METACentrum and subsequently obtain access to METACentrum machines?

An account in METACentrum can be obtained by filling in an registration form. A PDF file will be generated after filling the form. This PDF file has to be printed out, signed and send to a contact person(according to affiliation to home AFS cell).

How to obtain access to further machines if I already have an account in METACentrum?

If you have already a functional METACentrum account, it is sufficient to only ask for obtaining of other accounts.It can be required printing out and signing of a special form in the case of access to a machine with special access policy.

What to do if it is not possible to correctly read/print generated PDF file after a successul registration?

The form can be seen repeatedly in section Registration state checking.

What does the Accounts activation mean?

If you know in advance that you will not use some of your accounts at a specific METACentrum machines from any reasons for a long time (foreign stay, change to different architecture etc.), we offer a possibility to deactivate such accounts temporarily (e.g. to prevent their abuse). "Accounts activation" is reverse process i.e. activation of deactivated accounts. Activation/deactivation has no relation to possible expiration due to non-renewal of METACentrum account.

Why is it necessary to renew account every calendar year?

Because by the renewal users demonstrate their own activity performed using available METACentrum resources. Moreover, it is necessary for the user to go through the web form and confirm that: I confirm that my personal information in METACentrum database are actual, that I am informed about actual version of user proclamation and I do not know about any fact that would hinder me from accessing of technical resources of METACentrum. By this step we are trying to partially eliminate non-active users or users who do not utilize METACentrum resources in harmony with their planned mission. The METACentrum workers reserve the right to use submitted information during the preparation of actual METACentrum yearbook.

How to renew a validity of an account that has not been used for a long time and/or for which I did not ask for a renewal and therefore I lost the access to?

If you remember your password, ask for accounts renewal in a standard way. If you forgot your password, you have to personally visit arbitrary contact place (together with proper proving of your identity) and have to ask for setting a new password . Subsequently you can ask for account renewal.

How does the mechanism of an account renewal work?

All METACentrum users are asked to renew their accounts at the end of a calendar year. This can be easily done in section Annual report and extension of accounts by selection of a period for which the account should be renewed and by submitting a report containing information for what purposes the user utilized METACentrum resources during a specific calendar year.

Do I have to submit an annual report?

Of course, you do not. But if you do not submit the annual report you are going to get rid of possibility to use computational capacities of METACentrum.

What will happen if I do not submit an annual report?

If you do not submit an annual report, all your active accounts will be blocked. Such accounts can be unblocked in the future but only in the case that you submit an annual report from the last year of your active working in METACentrum.

Do I have an account in METACentrum forever?

The existence of your METACentrum account is limited only by your affiliation to the academic sphere. You have only to take care of the on time METACentrum account renewal (before the end of a calendar year) and of the submission of an annual report from your past calendar year. If you haveasked for an METACentrum account during your life already and you have obtained the account, it is probable that your account can be renewed even after a long period of non-activity.

Why I can not have account at machines loslab, wood and quark?

Cluster loslab was acquired from resources of research centre Loschmidt Laboratories and therefore these resources are accessible only by researchers from this centre. Similar situation is for cluster wood that is dedicated to researchers of Department of Wood Science of MZLU and The Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication of VUT. Cluster quark is dedicated to video proceeding at MU. Due to these reasons it is not allowed to make accounts for common METACentrum users at these machines.