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Why there is just queue preemptible at orca cluster?

Cluster orca was bought using NCBR resources and it was involved in METACentrum in a special regime - the owners can submit any jobs through queue orca, the rest of METACentrum can submit only in queue preemptible. Queue preemptible is similar to the queue long, but its jobs can be preempted

Why it is not possible to connect to server skirit.ics.muni.cz using SSH, WinSCP respectively?

If you use client PuTTy, your configuration is not compatible with settings of our SSH servers. Please, change your client settings accordingly: the prefered SSH protocol version to 2 (instead of 1), see item Preferred SSH protocol version at Connection->SSH tab and also activate item Attempt "keyboard-interactive" auth (SSH-2) at Connection->SSH->Auth tab.

I want to "download" my results "manually" to my /home directory or directly to my PC throught sftp (WinScp). Is it possible?

Yes, it is. Your results can be copied into /home by command in the task script automatically. If you PC run permanently with server software (e.g. SFTP serverwhich can be run in Windows too) and has very good connection, your results would be sent directly there, but I don't recommend it in case of large files. MetaCentrum rules says that you should have the data in a scratch volume just during task proceeding. So, it is not possible for a task to leave the data at scratch volume after it finish and after the job is done copy manually the data from scratch through WinSCP. Realize that after end of your task, new task will be run at the same machine which maybe need space in the scratch volume.

Is there something like cleaning /storage and /scratch directories auomatically? If so, how often? According which rules?

Although there is an automatic script for cleaning of /scratch*, data in /scratch* must be removed by task itself. The tt>/storage</tt> filesystem is suitable for storage of permanent data. The size of the tt>/storage</tt> is limited, there are quotas on it.

Is there any problem during copying output to /home in case the computing run at SKURUT33 machine and the computing started from /home at SKIRIT machine?

Yes, there is problem, because /home at SKURUT is in Prague but /home at SKIRIT is in Brno. There are absolutely different directories.

How do I disable the Message of the Day?

After login on some of our frontend, you are greeted by the system's Message of the Day with information about your last login, quotas, available CPUs, etc. If you do not want to see this post from some reason, you are allowed to turn it off by function .hushlogin. Usage is very simple (do it directly in your home directory on selected frontend):

$ touch .hushlogin 
$ logout 

After new login Message of the Day will not be displayed. By remove .hushlogin from your home directory

$ rm .hushlogin

will set Message of the Day to the original state.