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CIAO is a data analysis system written for the needs of users of the Chandra X-ray Observatory. Because Chandra data is 4-dimensional (2 spatial, time, energy) and each dimension has many independent elements, CIAO was built to handle N-dimensional data without concern about which particular axes were being analyzed. Also, apart from a few Chandra instrument tools, CIAO is mission independent.

All commands that are available from shell can be called even after import of specific package(`run_tools`) in python, which is part of instalation. There is available library "crates" for work with FITS files (including enhanced manipulation with spectral files and calibration matrix. Library *Chips* provide grafical output and even have own shell like Sherpa.


Instalation script can be downloaded from adress This script afterwards provide download of other components including calibration database and eventually run instalation tests.


Calibration database can be found in /software/ciao-xx.x/CALDB. Data from observations of specific objects can be obtained by WebChaSeR [1]. Structure of locale stored data is not yet united, every user creates his own archive.


Basic procedures are well illustraded threads.

Specter filtration with Sherp is described here:

Program manager

Filip Münz, Matúš Kocka, Tomáš Rebok (