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BLUPF90 family of programs is a collection of software in Fortran 90/95 for mixed model computations in animal breeding. For general description, see the paper I. Misztal: Complex Models, More Data: Simpler Programming? (available here) or the paper I. Misztal et al.: BLUPF90 and related programs (BGF90) (available here).

For variance component estimation, the family offers choices for simple and complicated models; see the paper I. Misztal: Reliable computing in estimation of variance components (available here). From 2009 the programs are successively modified for genomic selection using a single-step approach (or ssGBLUP) by Ignacio Aguilar and Shogo Tsuruta.


BLUPF90 is available in the version actual to 7/2012.


Interactive use:

  • ask the scheduler for an interactive job having a single node and a single processor reserved:
$ qsub -I -l nodes=1:ppn=1 -l mem=XXXg
Note: Do not forget to apppropriately set the amount of requested memory (mem attribute) and/or another job requirements.
  • load the BLUPF90 module into the environment:
$ module add BLUPF90
  • run the relevant program (airemlf90, blupf90, gibbs1f90, ...) in accordance with the documentation. The list of available programs is available on the producer's WWW server.
$ blupf90

Batch use:

  • As far as we know, the program does not allow to be used in a batch way (passing the input file via a parameter). If you know how to run the program in a batch mode, please, let us know.


The documentation is available on the producer's WWW server or locally in the /software/BLUPF90/doc/ directory.


The programs are free for research but their use should be acknowledged in publications.

Supported platforms


Program administrator

Ludmila Zavadilová, Tomáš Rebok